Taunton Town Football Club is excited to announce the signings of three talented players: forward Tom Symons from Axminster, towering centre half Jordan Hayman from Wellington, and wing back Leighton Tuodolo from Chippenham.

These new additions bring a wealth of skill and potential to our squad. Tom Symons is known for his sharp attacking prowess, Jordan Hayman provides a commanding presence in defense, and Leighton Tuodolo offers dynamic versatility on the wing.

All three players will be joining Cribbs F.C on loan for the 24/25 season. This move will allow them to gain valuable experience and continue their development in a competitive environment. All 3 will continute train with the Taunton Town squad whilst out on loan.

Taunton Town remains committed to investing in promising talent and believes that this opportunity will benefit both the players and the club in the long term.