Richard Luffman has moved to secure the addition of three new coaches to his backroom staff: Liam Harding as First Team Coach, Sam Naylor as Goalkeeping Coach, and Ben Waters as Set Piece Coach. These strategic additions are set to enhance the team’s performance and competitive edge.

Liam Harding, the new First Team Coach, joins us from Bristol Manor Farm and brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in leading teams to success. Known for his tactical prowess and player development skills, Liam is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the team’s on-field strategy.

Sam Naylor joins as the Goalkeeping Coach from Cribbs F.C, specialising in the development and refinement of goalkeeping techniques. With a keen eye for talent and a dedication to nurturing elite goalkeepers, Sam’s expertise will be invaluable to the team’s defensive strength.

Ben Waters takes on the role of Set Piece Coach and also joins us from Cribbs F.C, with a focus on maximizing opportunities from set plays. Ben’s innovative approach and attention to detail will be crucial in turning set-piece situations into scoring chances, giving the team a strategic advantage.


Richard Luffman expressed his excitement about the new hires, stating, “The hard work behind the scenes has been continuing, we now all but one of our backroom team confirmed. Sam was my goalkeeper coach from last season, an ex-pro at Coventry, and an unbelievable coach. Ben is also an old part of my coaching team from Cribbs a man that I depended on and someone I trust, Ben has a masters at Hartbury in football and is very qualified. Liam is someone I’ve admired from afar at a previous rival, the coaching work he did alongside a terrific manager in Lee Lashenko transformed BMF into a team that was very good on the eye but also had a relentless streak in them. I’ve been in opposite dugouts to Liam for 4 seasons in a row and I really think he’ll help me get my team to be an attacking force of a team that the fans will love to watch.”