This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, an opportune time to reiterate the significance of Mental Health.

The issue of Mental Health is vitally important at any time but in the past year or so it has become even more prominent due to the pandemic. Remember:

Asking for help is not weak

Rest is productive

Prioritising yourself is not selfish

Bad days are normal

Please recognise what other people may be going through but if you are struggling yourself, do not suffer in silence! Don’t forget our community support remains available for anyone who may need a chat or reassurance as we try to return to some kind of normality over the coming weeks and months. Anyone in the community can take advantage of the service by calling the Taunton Town FC Match-day Assistance Line on 07584 671053 or alternatively 07778 434055.

We are proud to be associated with our Stadium Sponsors Cygnet Health Care during this time who do great work providing a range of services for individuals suffering mental health problems. For further information please visit their website HERE