Do you want to support your Club in these lean times?

There is a way and that is via the Somerset West Lottery.

For £1 per week per ticket, you can win anything from a top prize of £25,000 in cash to free tickets in the next draw. The Club will receive 50p per week for every ticket where the Club is nominated as its Good Cause and we do not have to do any work to collect that income. We will automatically receive the cash on a regular monthly basis and in the current situation this income stream could be a life-saver for the Club.

To enter the lottery, you will need your email address, your bank details and a 6-digit number of your choice. The link to the Somerset West Lottery can be found HERE

Once on the website, click on ‘Buy Tickets’ and then use the ‘Support a Specific Cause’ window. Enter ‘TA’ in the search box and you will find ‘Taunton Town FC’ at the top of the list. Select ‘Taunton Town FC’ and ‘Go To Cause Page’. From there you can ‘Buy Tickets’ and you will be prompted to create an account, select a number of tickets, and submit your details.

We would ask you to consider entering the Lottery to assist the club but if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact Finance Director Alan Slade by email  Please pass on the details to any other Taunton fans that you know.

Stay safe and keep well.

Up the Peacocks!!