Thanks to the efforts of Hydrotech Environmental & Civils Ltd during the past few weeks, the pitch at Wordsworth Drive is now in better shape to cope with the regular bouts of wet weather. The company has carried out drainage works at the bottom end of the pitch which has historically been a problem area following heavy rainfall, but the installation of new off-pitch drainage should help reduce the likelihood of games falling foul of waterlogging.

Managing Director Lloyd Irish, who of course is also Taunton Town Goalkeeping Coach, said:” Hydrotech Environmental & Civils Ltd are happy to be able to assist Taunton Town FC with the off pitch drainage problems they were having. We hope that our work helps to get a few games on over the season that may not have gone ahead. On a personal note, it feels great to be able to give something back to my hometown club that has given me so many positive memories over the years.”

Taunton’s Football Operations Manager Karl Lindsay added: “We are so thankful to Hydrotech Environmental & Civils Ltd to come in and install drainage off the pitch. The problem we have had for years is once the water comes off the pitch following a heavy downpour, it creates a lake which backs up to the six yard box and up to the halfway line. What Hydrotech have done is laid drains down the side of the pitch which run to a giant hole with a pump which takes the water away quickly and which has worked very well. We can’t do much presently with water on the pitch – that will be stage 2 hopefully once the season is over with more drainage work to be completed.”

The club extend their grateful thanks to Lloyd and the team at Hydrotech Environmental & Civils Ltd.