Ahead of tomorrow’s Southern League game, we are issuing the following Covid-19 update:

Taunton Town FC and all clubs permitted to currently have crowds at football are under constant scrutiny from the Governing Bodies and Local Authorities, meaning maximum capacities of 600 are under constant review.

As from tomorrow’s Southern League home match v Metropolitan Police, the ‘One- Way’ system around the Cygnet Health Care Stadium will be relaxed until further notice. This will enable people to walk around the stadium a little more freely.

When changing ends from the terraces, supporters are requested to follow the guidance of our Stewards & Covid Support Team by equally splitting and spreading the direction of movement. This will assist in equally spreading the amount of people travelling through each seated stand. Whilst the risk is deemed low both outdoors and with contact time of under 15 minutes, supporters are asked to respect the safety and comfort of those spectators seated in the front rows of the stands they walk through.

The Club appreciates that in normal circumstances supporters naturally like to gather together, however we would be grateful if everyone can comply with the following:

Make every possible effort to spread out more in compliance with, and the management of, social distancing around the stadium by following the 2 Metre Rule (or 1 where not possible by taking other precautions such as wearing face coverings) and adhering to the Rule of 6 on the terraces and in the stands.

Avoid standing on areas clearly marked with the newly-painted yellow zig-zag lines on terraces.


Supporters are also reminded that drinking alcohol is only permitted in the designated external Bar area and not around the ground. Table service is provided in the Bar area to seated customers.

By adhering to these requests will assist us greatly and hopefully prevent us having to introduce further measures such as limiting numbers of our supporters gathering on each terrace, spreading supporters around the ground equally or having to stop the common practice of changing ends. Compliance means we hope to be able to continue staging matches with the maximum capacity crowd of 600 and not be faced with the situation where we have our capacity reduced to 300 or worse.

We thank our fans for their amazing support as ever and your assistance in these extremely difficult times for all of us is greatly appreciated.