Hello Everyone

We are getting close to not only the end of a decade but also the 10th Christmas I will have been Chairman. To look back over the last 10 Christmases as we move in to 2020, I do with a sense of pride as we have come a very long way through a lot of adversity. I am very proud to be your Chairman because this Town, the County Town of Somerset needs to be higher up the football pyramid and I hope if I continue to get elected I can be part of that continued success story to take us in to the National League and beyond to our ultimate goal.

While Christmas is a wonderful time for many people it is also a sad time for others. One thing we can do as the local Football Club is to help our community by engaging and continually looking at what we can do to help. A Football Club is often the focus for so many people and can be the release for other struggles in life. Football is the sport of the people and it is the one sport which can break down barriers. The world has changed and will continue to change, and we have to make sure we keep in touch with the reality of the world we now live in and use our club as a positive influence for people of all ages.

I thank each and everyone of you who has helped us grow our club in to be a competitive, progressive, ambitious but also very importantly a respectful club. Let’s all try to make a small difference in our community by checking on neighbours who may be isolated from family and friends this Christmas or just very lonely. Helping other people less fortunate is a wonderful thing to do, we are all fragile and there are often vulnerable people too proud to say anything but let’s all try to make a difference. If you know of people who may want a little help or just a chat, make that effort this Christmas. Offer to bring them here as so many people will have supported a football team but may just need a nudge to come again.

Finally, thank you to all our fans, to my fellow Directors, all the Staff and Volunteers who keep the club running week in, week out, often through tricky times. Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you at the Cygnet Health Care Stadium on Boxing Day, kick off is the traditional 3pm so you have time for lunch before!!